Some Best Way of Money Lessons from Mom

Believe it or not but in today’s world, our moms can be our best Finance guider in our home than any other financer, cause they know about our needs and our expenses than any other person. Today’s moms are just enough smart these days in saving the extra money and earning the extra bugs, we just need to listen and trust them.

According to Mom’s lessons

mom teaching children money lesson - mom finance

* We should never rely on someone else to take care of us. According to mom’s we should never make ourselves fully financially dependent on others, including one’s husband (For Women’s). It’s not about financial security or ego it’s just about financial independence. This should be especially followed by women.

* We should never be afraid of banks and financial institutions. There are many people who are afraid of going to banks and from having a credit card or loan because of debt. But the truth is there is no harm in going to a bank or availing a credit card in fear of debt in times of financial help in bad times because they are there to help us in our needs. So by not being afraid of banks, we should understand the financial system of the bank properly, and we should study there terms and conditions sincerely before proceeding to an agreement with them. So if are aware of all these things properly, then we will never have to be worried about taking loans and credit cards in future whenever there is a need.

* Start saving from now, you never know when you gonna need it. Here saving doesn’t only mean saving money from parents it means to save money by doing some small side works beside studying like baby-sitting etc. it helps to create the habits of saving from early childhood, and it also teaches children’s to respect money and to spend them wisely when needed.

* Try to buy those things which you need not which you want. This really helps a lot to save money and to know what we really need, and besides saving money it also helps us to make our best choice on what we need to buy. And the leftover money can be used to buy other important things or it can also be kept for future use.

* Be satisfied with what you have. We should be satisfied with what we have rather than always criticizing our situation because sometimes while criticizing our present situation we unknowingly destroy the present moment we should remember tomorrow we can earn more money than today but we cannot earn today tomorrow. Because money comes and goes but time just goes we can never get back our time.

Today the world is changing so fast; with this changing of the world, e should also change our thoughts about our moms so that they can share their ideas freely with us on a matter of earning money from our daily chores.

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